Chairman W

  • 5,000cc V8 engine designed by Mercedes-Benz delivers over 300hp in output
  • Audio and video - 8” LCD monitor and discrete logic 7, 7.1-channel receiver
  • E-tronic 7-speed automatic transmission with winter mode
  • Intelligent electronic control suspension (IECS)
  • Speed sensing power steering (SSPS)


The Chairman W speaks to your refined taste. The Chairman W inspires admiration with a blend of straight and curved lines. Every ride brings you a new experience with a magnificent but tidy design.

The Chairman W boasts the latest version of the Harman/Kardon entertainment system, also found in such big name luxury sedans as Maybach. Sound is delivered on a grand scale through the multi-number speakers, bringing you to a live performance in an opera house.
The driver or passenger doesn’t need to put a golf bag to open or close the trunk. Remote control or simple switch function makes it possible. Umbrella holder in the trunk enhances convenience.
The seats are heated to make traveling in cold weather as cozy as can be, while the active ventilation prevents sweat formation for greater comfort when the weather is hot and humid.